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SMPP Server C# Windows


Our iTextWeb Messaging app is a hosted SMPP panel (all in one) and compliant with SMPP protocol which helps you to connect/bind unlimited external smpp gateways. SMPP gateways can be purchased from any Telecom operator or Bigger Established agreegator.

You can establish/bind multiple sessions with any third-party SMSCs and SMS gateways to exchange your SMS traffic.

In enterprise solution there is a possibility to build custom configurations and to integrate message processing into your solutions. The messages and the configurations are saved in the central database and can be tweaked with few mouse clicks.

To send messages by SMPP protocol you must have a SMPP client. SMPP client which communicates with SMPP server using SMPP protocol. You can send a single message or multiple (async). SMPP client must take care of SMS and deliver them to server. When there is a change of status for an SMS, then SMPP server will transmit a delivery report back to client. So, we don’t have to care about making extra actions to retrieve the delivery report for a message. SMPP client will take care of that.

The flexible mechanism of traffic routing, allows you to split the traffic into several parts and to forward the messages via correct gateway and proper load balancing is achieved.

Our Messaging server is designed to deliver individual billing for each customer.

We also provide SMPP C# server library which can be downloaded from our download section for developers to develop their SMPP Server.


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