Accueil VOIP Upgrading from shared reseller panel to own agreegator SMPP SMS panel

Upgrading from shared reseller panel to own agreegator SMPP SMS panel


Every business or platform requires regular updates and upgrades to cope up with the market demand and needs of their clients. Over the years Bulk SMS industry in India has evolved very rapidly. The biggest gainers were aggregators, who have shared their platform with smaller resellers as volume fillers.

Over the period of time, the volume of bulk SMS increased manyfold, and the platforms shared by aggregators started crashing due to a scalability issue.

While resellers were struggling hard to cope up with inconsistent SMS delivery, many cases of data theft by aggregators were also reported due to a shared platform.

Even after knowing all these facts, it was difficult to pull out from any third-party SMPP platform as there is no easy option to migrate from an aggregator panel to another.

This was the time when resellers started understanding the technology and business model and started hunting for their own SMPP SMS panel and SMPP gateway. We could easily make out from keyword search results of a leading search engine that keywords like best SMPP SMS panel, SMPP gateway, SMPP software India, SMPP service providers India were trending on the top for SMS industry.

Now the challenge shifted from data security to technological know-how. We, at Hex Wireless, understood the pain of resellers and came up with the idea of empowering resellers, with a state of art technology product iText Web under the brand name Power SMPP.

We have designed an SMPP SMS panel, which has an online admin module and management services. Our main objective was to make things very simple and no technical knowledge is required to operate this product. The biggest advantage for resellers was that now they were owners of their own SMPP panel.

Now they have a technology company supporting them on day to day basis to enhance their own product. They can customize their SMPP panel easily. They can add features of their choice. True freedom. Since the entire application was hosted on their server, there was no worry about data security.

Our self-hosted SMPP panel is an On-Premises solution with the option to connect multiple SMSCs. Now they are free to add any number of external SMPP gateway into their application and also design their own load balancing logic to handle larger SMS campaigns.

Additional plugins such a Missed Call, Voice SMS, Shortcode, and Long code, has further empowered them to showcase their entire product range on a single panel.

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